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Legal Listening

Who They Are

After being inspired by a tweet, Z + K (Founders of Legal Listening) wanted to develop a catalog of seminal Canadian legal decisions to assist the public, law students, legal practitioners, and those who may find traditional websites or casebooks difficult to access. Although text to speech technology exists, Legal Listens provides a bespoke audio experience with personable readings and commentary.
The Legal Writer Collective has collaborated with Z + K because of their commitment to Access to Justice. The cases we summarize will now be available via audio.
Z + K are not lawyers - they are both currently in the LSO Licensing Process. Any opinions expressed are entirely their own and no information constitutes legal advice.


CanLII Connects

Our Partnership

CanLII Connects brings together lawyers, scholars, and others with professional competency in legal analysis to share their insights and form collective opinions. A community of registered members submits content, offer comments, and up-vote the legal commentary and summaries found on the site.

Their site is and always will be free to use and fully open to everyone. We’re so honored to be featured as a registered member at CanLII Connects.

We are Officially on CanLII